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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Week 8: Online Multi‐Media Presentations

We are almost at the end of our project and now we have to set up the video for the Foundation. I believe it is going to be amazing. This module I spent with my team mates made me become more responsible of the task I have to solve and helped me to understand a lot about my personality in a group work. Therefore, which is my role and how I can be useful at the best for the others.

Personally, I think that the most important thing I have learned about using communities and network in innovative design is that it makes it work better and people have more fun. By using online tools even more people can join the project and many ideas and feedback can come out. I believe working with a group of people rather than working alone is better, since the work can be observed from different point of views and different opinions can be given. A designer usually realizes what people would like to have and therefore something innovative and attractive. If this work is solved by implementing the use of internet and online platforms such as 'forums', everything will be easier and the route to the success will be closer.

My main design principles are stability, simplicity, longevity and internationality. I suppose this are the most important characteristics for an online community or network to work. Everybody should be able to participate to a topic and share their ideas. This is probably what makes internet so powerful; people need to say what they want and give suggestions.

For the next year students, I just want to tell one thing: don't be afraid to share your thoughts! Say everything you want and don't hesitate to give suggestions.  You will discover how interesting is the course and how different you are from what you have been expecting. Remember that your team members always need your help, even if they don't ask for it, and that they are there to help you too.

Everything I learned by now I'm sure will help me a lot for my next projects. I will start everything with more determination and perseverance. I hope to give always an excellent contribution of my ideas to my next team work  and help them, at best,  to achieve our goal.

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